We are built on the strength of our people. In every region where we operate, our local leaders guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.

Today, Standard Oil of Iowa represents the thousands of independent oil and natural gas producers and service companies across the United States. America’s independent producers develop 91 percent of the nation’s oil and natural gas wells. These companies account for 83 percent of America’s oil production, 90 percent of its natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) production, and support over 4.5 million American jobs. A recent analysis has shown that independent producers are investing 150 percent of their U.S. cash flow back into American oil and natural gas development to enhance their already aggressive efforts to find and produce more energy.

Standard Oil of Iowa is a national trade association headquartered in Washington, D.C. It serves as an informed voice for the exploration and production segment of the industry, and advocates its members’ views before the United States Congress, The White House, and federal agencies. Standard Oil of Iowa provides economic and statistical information about the U.S. exploration and production industry. Standard Oil of Iowa also develops investment symposia and other networking and business development opportunities for its members.

Why Choose Us

We are built on the strength of our people. In every region where we operate, our local leaders guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.

Future Ready is our global innovation programme, challenging and inspiring all our people to advise and design programmes ready for the future as well as today.  It’s important as many of the schemes we work on have design lives of decades. 

Decades, when society will have different needs and technologies, will change.  Decades when climate change will bring more extreme weather and also a phase-down of fossil fuels.  Future Ready puts WSP at the heart of delivering a sustainable, prosperous, resilient society.  Setting us apart.  And bringing lower total ownership costs and peace of mind to our clients.

Our Mission

Standard Oil Management of Iowa is dedicated to ensuring a strong, viable American oil and natural gas industry, recognising that an adequate and secure supply of energy is essential to the national economy.

Our Purpose

Standard Oil Management of Iowa is the national trade association representing the thousands of independent crude oil and natural gas explorers and producers across the United States of America. It also operates in close cooperation with 44 unaffiliated independent national, state and regional associations, which together represent thousands of royalty owners and the companies that provide services and supplies to the domestic industry.


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We match the right individual to the right position to ensure success, both on a personal and project level. We consistently apply what we know to embed new skills, scale operations or provide the right solution. For US, client challenges are an opportunity to inspire personal growth.


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We focus on meeting your needs and empowering the individuals in our workforce. In our pursuit of the best solution, we begin with each person’s personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit. Come join us and be part of this new dream. 


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We are looking forward to extend our products and services to every part of the global to enjoy oil and gas products and services unlike others.